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Saturday, April 5, 2008

It's snowing....

Yep, it's snowing. I don't think I need to take a picture of that for you, do I? You've already seen plenty of it 'down there'....spring WAS here, really it was, we could even leave hoses out all week without them freezing........

that's done with for now. Harumpf!

This is one of those storms that moves in over Cook Inlet (this might be a good time for you to Goggle Maps "Anchorage", the body of water coming up from the south is the inlet where the Beluga whales are.). We're at the West North-west part of Knik Arm, at the 'top' of Cook Inlet. We are surrounded for the most part by mountains......Talkeetna Mtns to the West; Chugach Mtns to the East; well, when a front in the spring comes in from the south, up Cook Inlet, it can get stuck.

The sucker is indeed stuck.

The radar shows it sitting over us, it's not going to 'go' anywhere for a while, not until it's empty of moisture.

So I can sit here in the spring blizzard at the computer....I heard about the potential storm yesterday, so I hauled straw for the sheep shed in case anyone wanted to lamb in the storm since they like to do that, and I hauled a square bale of hay since silly sheep stay out in the snow eating their new round bale with fervor and I get tired of worrying about them and their 13 lambs and finally lock them back in - then they'll need something to munch on until they give up on yelling at me for locking them in.

I even picked up hoses, again, in hopes that they can be left out again in a few more days.

Spring never comes easy in the north, but then again, we wouldn't appreciate the good days as much as we do if that's all we had were good days.....

why aren't my registered sheep having lambs? I don't know, they are holding onto them tight. Can't wait to see what Barbados contributes to the Alaskan they hold the secrets of spots or not.......time, and spring, will tell............


Kathy said...

We can have snow here up to July and have the same growing season as Anchorage, so I know exactly how you're feeling. :) My DH's grandfather was the mayor of Cordova - I've always been meaning to head up that way, even had it on my "Dream Sheet" when I was in the military. Everyone else wanted Hawaii, but I wanted Alaska. Maybe someday I'll make it.
Thanks for stopping by! I enjoy reading your blog.
Here's to lambing going smoothly with more ewes than rams!

bopeep said...

Happy belated birthday,
Happy last snowstorm of the season....happy new lambs being born. Happy sunshine after the storm moves on....and happy lamb races that make you laugh out loud.
Pretty new lambs too.

Alaska Shetland Shepherd said...

Ahhh, no, you've wished me a happy early birthday...there's still a few weeks more to go on that too...see, now you're early and the first! Always nice to be the first, isn't it? :-)

And thank you too Kathy!