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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Another snowstorm, another day on the farm...

Yes, we had a big snowstorm Saturday and Sunday. They say we got 6 inches of snow, and it broke all-time records.

Well, it started snowing again this morning at 7am...I was to leave for the airport to deliver a dog for a flight around 9am. I could have done 9am had it not been forecasted for another, yes, another snowstorm. So I hurried, fed the farm, packed up, and left for the airport by 8am. Good thing I did, it took more than 3 hours to go 55 miles, just barely making it there on time. On the way home, a nervous wreck watching too many cars do 180's and 360's and ending up in the ditch, I stopped at the post office in town to see if my chicks had, THAT truck was 3 hours late from Anchorage too. I live 12 miles from the post office, and lucky for me my guy works in town so after making a quick phone call I headed home. I knew I'd have to run in and change back into chore clothes quickly, this time the snow was horizontal, blowing in from the south east and Prince William Sound. Rushing like a hen with the sky falling on her head, I made my way out to the sheep shed where I was greeted by many loud voices asking what took so long. Sheesh, talk about a SPOILED group! I shut them in and threw in a bale of dry hay to munch on...ahhhhh, peace reigns once again. After making the rounds to the coops and the barn next, I headed into the house and took the photo above. That's what it looks like at 2pm on Wednesday, April 9th, 2008.........not a ewe nor lamb in sight! But I know they are very happy with me right now too........

hope your Wednesday is nicer than mine weather -wise!

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