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Saturday, April 5, 2008

I have a lamb question...

I have a strange lamb question....or it could be a strange lamb....

it's a boy of course, and a big boy at that. I bought his mom a few years ago, this is her first lambing here, she's unregistered but looks mostly, if not all, Shetland. Now, I wasn't present when this boy arrived into the world during the night. No, I saw him the next morning. He's a gray, one of those black Ag boys, and I didn't even need to pick up this big boy to determine he was a boy...that gray sure does stand out from behind, doesn't it? hehehe...

so, forward a few days, I have this lamb coming up to me. Not stopping back a ways to look at me, no, walking right on up to my feet. Looking at my feet like some do? Nope, stops and looks up at me. How strange. His mother isn't friendly to me, good luck catching her if you're not serious about why does this lamb come up to me? I didn't imprint him, that I'm sure of.

Today he greeted me again, stood there at my I reached down and rubbed below his jaw.....he leeeeeeeeeeeeaned into my hand. Perhaps a dominant boy out there, don't know, but oh did he lean. So I stopped and stood back up..he proceeded to chew my pant leg.

No, I'm sure he's not really a goat.

So I took a few steps, and I could feel bump bump bump...trying to still chew my pant leg.

Now why couldn't this be a ewe lamb instead? It would be so nice to have such a friendly ewe lamb without much effort.

Somehow this boy thinks I am a big part of his family. I will have to band him soon...he might turn out to be a very nice gray, and a friendly one at that, so I can work on finding him a kind spinner's home where his friendliness will be appreciated. He would be terrible as a ram!

Any thoughts why he's picked me???


Kathy said...

He has good taste - that's why he picked you.

He's also smart. Make friends with the shepherd and she won't eat me. She'll band me, but I will become a fiber/pet for her. She is nice and I will be her friend.

Alaska Shetland Shepherd said...

LOL! Well he is a big boy and he's quite handsome, and gray, so perhaps he will turn a fabulous dark gray and someone will clamour to own him! Thanks Kathy!