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Friday, April 11, 2008

Another sunny day

Another sunny day after the snow storms....but how frustrating. The snow isn't melting much, just enough to cause 'wet' instead of 'melt'....

I believe it set everyone back a bit.

People aren't too happy around here right now....not like we don't expect spring snow, just that we were primed for thawing with several weeks of weather going up into the 40's. Then this.

A bit depressing for some.

Not too bad for me, nor the sheep....nor even the baby chicks that have hatched.

Just not what we'd hoped for I suppose!

I want to dig in the dirt and plant the many seed packets I've bought. I would like my garden to thaw out.

My tomato starts are doing very well, a table full of cups with nice tomato plants growing up, in my livingroom. We raise our tomatoes in the greenhouse, the ground is too cold to grow them outdoors and expect to ever see a ripe tomato, and we start them from seed in the house. I have a nice flat of marigolds ready to put into pots too.

I wintered over a few rose bushes in the dairy room, they have survived and are waiting for real sun too.

Hurry up spring...


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

What's this party in Alaska Peeps mentioned in her blog? Is one of those adorable lambies yours?

Alaska Shetland Shepherd said...

Hey there! :-)
Oh, Peeps needs a vacation from that mess down there, so I told her she should take a nice vacation to Alaska this summer. Pat said she and her hubby wanted to come too! LOL! So it's a party in Alaska if anyone wants to come...the kind of party 50+ year olds have...lots of sitting around a fire, talking food....heck, in June the party can go till it gets dark..around 2am or so! I've been known to finish up herding lessons after 11pm some evenings!