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Friday, April 18, 2008

Boys boys boys

My registered girls moved yesterday from their winter-safe quarters out behind the barn to their new digs out front. Actually, they are old digs - the old sheep pen - but don't tell them! They think the small round bale in their shed is the best bounty they've seen in a long time and all that space - with the noisy geese next door - left them with big wide eyes all day long! And they are carrying loads...lamb loads...a few look, finally, like they are ready for the next low pressure system to come through so that they can show and tell. Not ONE registered ewe has given birth yet! GRRRRRR! There are 11 of them out there so someone surely needs to keep this Shepherd entertained soon, ya think?

Now for the boys.....
well, they weren't happy seeing the girls leave. Hey, they LIKE living with their girls. So much for that, the girls are gone. Now what to do with ourselves.........hmm, how about fighting? We put a stop to that, seperating them until we have their 'tight pen' done and ready for reintroductions. Hopefully they will work it out after the close encounter. Boys will be boys, and those big horns don't exactly help matters when they are all ticked off without their harems.

Hope your Friday goes well... I have to go teach lessons now!

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