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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Another day, another snowfall, and still no registered lambs!

Isn't this just lovely??????

It's 2 in the afternoon on Tuesday and lookee at the wonderful present! Oh, no problem, everyone thinks it's supposed to be snowing in Alaska...sure..

Actually, it's not supposed to be snowing, it should be in the 40's. Will the snow stick? Maybe some of it will, on top of the other 2 snowstorms we had last week. This time they're only predicting 2 inches...last week each storm dumped 6 inches. I'm very glad we live on a hill, the marsh below will have plenty of moisture no doubt.

At last count I had 17 lambs from my 'working flock' of unregistered sheep...and not a single lamb yet from my registered flock.

Someone has a real interesting sense of humor, doesn't He????


bopeep said...

Oh Dear, Don't take it I do. This too shall pass or some such dumb comment that really won't make you feel any better. I do hope your girls don't make you wait too long. They likely feel the presence of snow and are crossing their legs???

Alaska Shetland Shepherd said...

HA! I know they are crossing their legs...and giving me raspberries too!