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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sunday Pics

Dominique's ram lamb.....he seems to have nice wool on his head and nice uniform crimp!

Then we have Miss Fairy Slipper...with her 'face freckles' and hoof spats, she due pretty soon and soaking up what little sun we've had today. She's wearing a nice piece of straw on her face too, silly girl!

And this is Treet's new daughter, a lovely black girl (the first black sired by Barby), and a full Krunet. Her mom did a so-so job cleaning her up but most is brushing off of her now. Born Friday, she's up and running around outside with the other lambs now! She was non-plussed by the photographer tho....

Hope you enjoyed the pics!


Garrett808 said...

Hey I have Slipper, the sister to your black spotted ewe from peeps!

Congrats on the lambs! The last photo looks like a smirslet marking to me. My understanding of Krunet is just a white spot/area on top of the head. Smirslet encompasses the ears, neck or face also. Either way it sure is CUTE!

Alaska Shetland Shepherd said...

Hi Garret! Yep, I didn't know for weeks if her name was Fairy, or Slipper, so I just always call her Fairy Slipper :-) And she's a real hoot! How about YOUR Slipper?? Mine is my friendlist and silliest too...hahaha!
The marking sure is a borderline one...the one side goes under the chin, the other doesn't. Hey, as long as a LITTLE bit of white stays when she's an adult, I'll be happy! Take care........