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Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Other Side

Above, right face profile and front face, Krunet?? I don't think far enough down for a smirslet, but what do you think?


bopeep said...

I like Krunet....pretty black. So mom is black but we don't know if she is recessive?

Kathy said...

Suzanne! I have this lamb's twin!!! No kidding...they look so much alike it isn't funny.
I will look up what I found this pattern to be the closest to - I did look in my Color Consensus from NASSA the other night, but I think with lambing and sheep-related-brewhaha I forgot what I came up with. Krunet could be in there, but there is a pattern whcih is described as a star or blaze which could also fit. I'll have a look and get back with ya! (We military-family-people have to stick together, don't we?) ;-) I hope all is well with your DH.

Jenny Holden said...

She's wearing a bonnet! How long can you hold back on registering their colours? It might develop a bit more as she grows and become a bit clearer.