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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Barbados has done well!

No photos yet.......sorry! Another registered lamb born early this evening to Silveraurora Treet. Treet is black, her little lamb is either black, gray, or very dark Moorit...too wet to tell! Since she's a first time mom, I wasn't going to spend allot of time fussing over her lamb....just letting them be in their jug alone together to bond well, just enough touching and looking to know what sex....

it's another girl! And with a small Krunet AGAIN! Woohooo! (no Peeps, not woo-woo).

So far, of Barbados's 6 girls bred, 4 have lambed and we have 3 girls and a boy, all single easy births with no assistance needed.

What a good guy!!

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