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Thursday, May 22, 2008

It's a boy!

Cheesy had a very handsome boy much like the girl below - one big white spot with black spots on him and yuglet eyes. Another 'white' Yuglet Flecket! We welcome this handsome dude to our farm! Photos soon.....


bopeep said...

This is interesting, I had several of these big white spot lambs this year....of course, your's are from the same markings in the sire....but mine were not. I had two sets of twins with one dark lamb and one white. Garret took one of the solid (sheala) moms with the ewe lamb that was solid black, the white boy with two small black body spots is going to Wisconsin. I also had one solid Moorit ewe who had a lovely yuglet sokket ewe in black and a white spot ram lamb with black tips on his ears. Now how do they do that?
What would happen if we bred a big white spot ewe to a big white spot ram....would we get an all white sheep? ARE getting a big white spot ewe from me.....?????

Alaska Shetland Shepherd said...

I am indeed! Yes, we now have a big white spot ewe and her big white spot we will be getting a big white spot ewe lamb from you this year...and today's boy makes 2 big white spot rams here too! Oh are we going to have fun next year...waiting to see what we get then! Both of these here are gray under that white, on the body part. How about the one there waiting for it's wings to fly here - gray under the white on the body also??? Oh, it will be so pretty to have GREY sheep with WHITE faces and white socks, won't it???!!!!