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Saturday, May 17, 2008

I forgot - banding

Blue is for boys...

yes, I forgot a note about banding. Sort of a reminder to myself too...
there are a bunch of boy lambs in my unregistered flock that need to be banded. And soon. Banding is never hard IMO, just catching them all is hard. I like banding. We used to raise pigs for years, and I didn't like that castration process. I don't care what anyone says, it still seem inhumane to me. No, banding is ok. If you hurry and do them all as fast as possible, the boys can 'band together' afterwards...perhaps that's where the saying came from?! The boys all woe-is-me together. I stand by for a while, watching them, certainly understanding that the big pinch isn't comfortable at all, making sure no one goes crazy over it. And then I offer them some sweet grain. Not too much, just enough to take their minds off their back ends. They don't need to be boys, they can be wethers. With tiny little scur horns instead of big horns. Last year I didn't band them all because there was a supposed buyer coming...who never did show up. Bad man! This year they will all be banded, then they can stay as long as they behave themselves in the herding arenas. Or perhaps some will go to nice fleece people who want all of their pretty colors. I even had a few Musket ram lambs this year, as well as grays and blacks and dark and light Moorits.

Maybe tomorrow I will remember early in the day that I have forgotten banding and will put it on my list of things to do.

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