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Sunday, May 4, 2008

My day

Found a neat photo of my garden from last year taken at the end of July.... now on to the blog...

It's my birthday! Yay! I did DHI milk test at 7am and will again at 7pm.....I bottle fed a lamb that will be going to it's new home today...I fed the sheep and dogs and goats. That was 120+/- mouths all quite happy. The fed the ducks and chickens in the small coop.......that's opposed to the big coop where up to 150 layers live. The small coop has 25 Indian Runner ducks in one pen as future herding trial ducks, the other side an assortment of Banties and my Chocolate Muscovy breeding group. The banties have hatched 3 chicks in one nest so far...lucky for them there are another 20 arriving today or tomorrow to keep them company. But the best thing of all is that, today, I can do what I want to do and not get a dirty look for saying no, I don't want to do that now....hehehehehe...You know 'the look''s my day and I plan to take full advantage of it! Yes! It's my 51st....I've made it over the hump....yah!!!!

Maybe more pics later, perhaps of the new ewe lamb that arrived yesterday.....if I feel like it.... :-)


Kathy said...

Happy, Happy Birthday! WaHoo!

I hope you have a "Just for Me 'Cause It's My Birthday And I Can Do What I Want To Do" day! :)

And thanks for the comment on the's great to hear from you! I chuckle at the comments you make about your poultry - I had an egg business here too! And I couldn't keep an egg in the house they went so fast.

I hope you have a perfect day today! (Many hugs!)

Alaska Shetland Shepherd said...

Thank you Kathy! The egg business is a busy one lately...seems people are actually learning the difference between farm fresh and gross once again!

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Oh, happy birthday late; I'm sorry I missed it with all the concern over (and tiredness from) Brava. Hope all of it was wonderful!