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Sunday, May 18, 2008

And it continued...

A few hours after the below debacle, Caribbean decided to lamb.

So I put her in the jug, which she didn't like.

I watched. I waited.

She finally lambed.

A very very tiny little girl.

Too tiny.

I felt for teeth right away - I knew she was too small. I thought I felt them. I had hope.

Hope faded quickly. I got colostrum into her from her mother, Caribbean, with a little wrestling match. I went to get fresh warm goats milk, heated to almost 120. I gave her a tiny bit of milk, hoping a little colostrum and a little milk might perk up this terribly weak little girl.

She was getting cooler, her mama just stared at her. I rushed her to my heated dairy room and immersed her in 110 degree water, trying to raise up her body temp, she was fading so very fast. It didn't work.

Getting older, I now need glasses, so I put my glasses on, finally.

I am going to say for sure, preemie. Why, I don't know. Perhaps it was a sympathetic birthing. When i double checked the teeth, what I had thought was developed teeth was not.....they were fully encapsulated still in skin. They had not emerged, nor were real close to doing so, as I rubbed pretty hard and the skin was very thick. Her eyes were also cloudy. They weren't ready to be opened this early.


No, this was not a good day. Right now I have two ewes that I am very mad at. It's just my way of dealing with it I suppose. The ewe lamb was marked as lovely as the ram lamb also lost today.

You know, they say bad things come in three.....I was awoken this morning at 5am by a very sick dog who had placed many many spots of diareah all over our bedroom floor, that of course I stepped in upon waking, walked through to let her outside, then woke myself up enough to go drag out the big carpet shampooer and proceed to wash all of the bedroom carpeting. I can't sleep in a bedroom that smells that bad.

So, maybe my string of bad luck is done with. Now it's time to have 3 good things happen in a row...
I have 3 lovely ladies from Missouri that are still due. Let's all cross our fingers, say a prayer, or whatever is most comfortable for you to do. Think positive.

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