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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Shelties and Shetland Sheep

So here she is, Miss Lola, a lovely Shetland Sheep Dog, the judge Marie on the right and myself on the left, taking the High in Trial award for highest score in the AKC trial held July 6th!! How special that a Shetland Sheepdog trialed on Shetland Sheep won it too! What a wonderful accomplishment, and a joy to train and handle such a sweet and talented girl too!


Garrett808 said...

OH MY GOODNESS! An HIT!?! That is amazing! Congrats! WOHOO!!

I so need to get Sadie and Oliver trained properly on sheep and ducks so we can compete too!

Alaska Shetland Shepherd said...

Yep, that tiny little Sheltie up against the wild women in the flock! And, Corgis are just cattledogs with short legs ya know!! ;-)
They are great on cattle! I know, I know....thoughts of dented skulls...but hey, that's why they're low in the first place!

Garrett808 said...

Sadie worked cattle once! Scariest thing in my life!! They are just way too expensive and too much my 'babies' to have them work cattle again, even though I know they could! Shetlands are much more "my size" for them! LOL

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

What a tiny little cutie! Sure wish you had a video link so we could all see her work.