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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sheltering Pines Windsprite

We have a new Shaela lady arriving in the next few weeks if health testing goes well. Sheltering Pines Windsprite, originally from Stephen's flock, and who lived with Peeps for a while, producing beautiful lambs, went on to Garrett's farm. She's a traveling girl, isn't she?? LOL! Well, Windsprite also happens to be the mother to 2 of my favorite sheep here - Topple, the magnificent ram, and Flutter, dam to my #1 ewe lamb this year, Princess (yep, had to name one Princess - everyone needs a princess!!). When Windsprite went looking for a new home, I just couldn't resist. Her pedigree is

I'm looking forward to having her up here, provided she passes her blood test for Blue Tongue titers. Alaska requires that BT testing be done on all sheep and goats over the age of 6 months coming into the state, and that they test negative. So we are sitting and waiting for the test results to see if she will indeed be able to fly! Here's crossing fingers...

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Kathy said...

I've been meaning to ask you about your traveling sheep, much does it cost to have one flown to AK? Having one flown here may be the way I have to go as well as we're a bit "out there" in these parts.

I do hope all tests are passed with flying colors! We have all fingers and arms legs eyeballs, etc. crossed that it be so! :)