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Friday, July 4, 2008

The sheep worked today

Today was the first of 4 days of herding trials held here on our farm, both AKC and ASCA trials - 2 of each. Judge Dana MacKenzie was an enjoyable as ever, always a wonderful judge to trial under. 2 out of 3 runs that I handled today were good runs, but I terribly botched the 3rd and thanked the judge and left. I simply had the worst brain fart and couldn't recover the run, so to be fair to my hard working Sheltie that I was handling, left on a good note. The GSD I handled took 3rd in her class and I finished her title, that was good. And my Anna, an Australian Cattle Dog, is getting better and better as she gets more time on stock and as she gets older. She's allot like her grandma Aggie, but since Aggie I've learned a bit more so Anna gets to take her time to learn things her way rather than just my way. :-) The sheep worked their butts off but some were quite recalcitrant today, and several gave the dogs a very hard time complete with foot stomps and head butting. Yep, that's a Shetland for you! Here's Anna, myself, and the judge after a very long, sweaty, and dusty day! Thank you, Sheepies!!


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Thanks for the report, and congratulations on the two good runs! It would be fun to hear all the different dog breeds that were represented there. Two of the three you mentioned, the Sheltie and the GSD, are breeds I don't think of as much used in herding anymore.

Alaska Shetland Shepherd said...

We have several nice Shelties running stock right now. The one I train for her owner took a Reserve High in Trial last year, she's pretty talented. We have lots of GSD's up here that are very very good on stock too. There's also BC's, Aussies, Icelandic Sheepdogs, the different Belgians like the Mal, Terv, and Shepherd. Cattledogs. My favorite Samoyed ran yesterday and qualified for her PT leg. No corgis right now but hopefully more soon again, same for Rough Collies, and a few Berners are working stock for AHBA trials too. There's also a few Rotties doing some nice work too, so lots of breeds competing.