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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Herding with dogs

Herding is an interesting leaning curve. Using a dog to take 3 head of Shetland sheep through various obstacles at different designated angles is always different each and every time. Here is a photo from our 4th of July AKC trials. This is Anna putting 3 head easily into the opening of the Y chute. She is allowed to follow/push them through the obstacle but me the handler is not allowed to go into the obstacle to lead the sheep through. This is a very nice clean entrance with no points lost.


Garrett808 said...

can i please send you my Caridgans to train like that? That is amazing! I need to learn how to do it to. Do you do dog/handler combos? crash course in say 7 days? (its all I can be gone LOL)


Alaska Shetland Shepherd said...

HAHAHA! Come on up Garrett! :-)

Deborah said...

I wish I could afford to fly you to Illinois for a week to train Porter!