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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Where has the time gone!

Lucy Locket and Kitty Fisher...flying here tonight!

Bad me......I haven't posted for a while. Too much spring work going on, little projects that desperately needed to be done and some big projects too. The garden isn't growing. Along with the Pacific Northwest, we are having a terribly chilly spring, er, summer. Each day we sit in the 50's and clouds coming and going. Some days we've hit the 60's, but there have not been many of them. The hay ground is growing, but slowly. Normally by the end of June our first cutting is ready to go.....who knows if we'll make it by then this year! Cold crops are growing ok, but the beans are no where to be found. I'm afraid we'll have to start beans in pots in the greenhouse for a while, hoping for warmth to move in here in a few weeks. We're not supposed to be this chilly here!! AUGH!!! The sheep tho seem to be doing well. Not too hot, not too cold for them...they are pleased with not having to lay in the shade to cool off. The lambs at least are growing like gangbusters. I've sold a wether and ewe lamb to a lovely lady in Anchorage who, along with her children, will be soon enjoying them along with her other farm animals. She will be a wonderful home for them. Maybe next year she'll want a few spotted lambs to add to her little flock!

I am leaving for the airport shortly to meet 6 new Minwawe lambs! One is a very interesting grey ewe lamb tht we named Augustine, after the active volcano here that puts on quite a display now and then. Augustine looked like she was dotted with ash fall as a young girl, and had an interestingly dark face and neck. I'll try to take photos tomorrow to share!

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