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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tapped on the shoulder

Tapped on the shoulder. It's an interesting occurrence. I have served and continue to serve on a number of boards and committees over the years, almost always they have been related to my personal passion - animals, in some way, shape, or form. Somehow I've tried to find time in my busy life to do something for others other than that which benefits me directly. Even if it DOES benefit me, it also benefits others. Community. Doing something positive for your community, whichever community you support, is good. Offering your opinion can be good, or not so good, depending if others agree with your opinion or not, but it's important to have an opinion. I don't have much room in my life for Apathy. We often see apathy around us, people who may complain about something but are unwilling to help change it. Imagine a Shepherd who was apathetic towards their charges...I can only imagine what chaos would ensue. It's the same with the rules that govern a state or a nation. Don't like it? Then see where you can help to change it. Being tapped on the shoulder is interesting, thought provoking, sometimes challenging. Hopefully someone will tap you on the shoulder some day and you will find the time to participate, if you haven't already!

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Sharrie said...

First time I have stopped by. I have added you to my list.