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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bye Bye Minwawe Barbados; Hello new owners!

And just look at this lovely young shepherd! She and her friend are quite happy with one of their 2 new bottle lambs! Susie came out to pick up her wether and ewe lambs. This boy's mom didn't want to feed him, so I took over the job. The ewe lamb I just bottle fed along with another so that they'd be family-friendly. Nothing better than kids and lambs...they have a few other livestock at their hobby farm and years of experience raising animals so I had no problems letting these 2 go earlier than usual. Enjoy them Susie!

Barbados was bred to our 6 Alaska-origin ewes this year. All were Moorit Krunets except one who has a bit of a smirslet and is black and white. I am keeping his one outstanding ram lamb as well as one of the ewe lambs, tbd. So his genetics will go forward in our flock. Barbados was king of the ram pen here. He's never had to deal with older rams, and my thoughts were that he needs to. Beautiful wool on the poll, structure was awesome, and Penne would like some flash in her nice flock too. So, he's left for his new, lovely home where he will be well cared for and appreciated - and useful!

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