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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sunrise, Sunset

How fun!

Sunrise, Sunset....

this is a great time of year to be in the north country....also very tiring! We tend to stay up too late and wake up to what feels like too early. No wonder, just check out today's sunrise and sunset times!

Sunrise: 4:32am

Sunset: 11:27pm

And people have asked just how do I get so much done in a day? Well heck, it's only quasi-dark for 5 hours which actually consists of a dawn/dusk effect...never really dark anymore at all!

Another good reason to lock the chickens into their coop...who wants to hear a rooster out your window crowing his heart out at 4am! Darned buggers........

Happy Wednesday!


Garrett808 said...

omg Suzanne that's earlier than here!
Sunrise: 5:30am
Sunset: 9:10pm

at the best...its usually somewhat dusk out until at least 10pm and sometimes i"m out later than that. I would LOVE the longer days...although the longer the day, the busier I get...If I could, I'd just sleep in the barn or on my front porch as then i'd NEVER go into my house for anything else! :)

Alaska Shetland Shepherd said...

Hahaha - except the dogs!!!Gotta go in the house for the dogs....

Sharon said...

I think my whole calendar is messed up because my parents live in Fairbanks when I was born. I'm not sure how that works since I hate to go to bed and I don't like waking up so much.

Karen B. said...

That's amazing, Suzanne. I could get used to those daylight hours.