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Saturday, March 22, 2008

TADAHH! Here are the boys now!

The boys! Well, you see I got 3 handsome spotted boys from BoPeep last summer. They flew in their crates for thousands of miles to get here. Some would like to see how they've grown up so far, so, I finally got my butt out there WITH a camera this time and took their photos. Nothing great about my photo taking efforts, but now at least you can see "The Boys".
Topple 1st
Barbados 2nd
Captain 3rd (2007 Alaska State Fair 1st place Shetland)


1 comment:

Jenny Holden said...

Oh, gosh they are gorgeous!
I've just started my own flock in North West England and would love some spotty guys like these.
Thanks for sharing the photos, I hope lambing all goes well.