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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Done Shearing

Done shearing! Woohooo! 45 head of sheep are now slick and clean and naaaaaked.....I see spots and markings and all sorts of colors now, what fun! I see who is pregnant and who isn't...and I see lambs running all around the place too. Had 6 born today. No registered lambs yet registered sheep are holding out on me - ha! They don't want to work for a living, they would prefer to be pampered pretty girls. Oh well, at least most are pregnant and we'll see if any of my Alaskan born ewes carry the recessive for spots, since that group of 6 are all bred to Barbados, my Moorit Smirslet Yuglet Flecket ram with the nice horns. He is bred to 2 Moorits, 3 blacks, and 1 Musket. We shall see.....aniticipation!!!

Hope you had a great Sunday!