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Sunday, March 23, 2008


Twin Ewe Lambs above, note the different fleece types.....

Above, head study while she was chewing....really, no overbite there just snapped at the wrong moment!

Lovely tight crimp.....

Easter Lambs - well, almost. They were born earlier this week, but it was nice to get outside and take pics of lambs on Easter while the sun was still shining for a brief half hour. I like taking pictures but often I don't remember to take my camera with me, especially when going out to do chores. So, heck with chores, I just took the camera out, snapped a few, and now I'm here, sharing them with you. I hope you enjoy seeing lambs, spring will happen soon in Alaska....maybe another month or so perhaps???

Happy Easter!

Oh, doesn't purple feel like it's the right color for Easter??


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Lovely rams AND lovely lambs! Who was the daddy to these two? The solid one is an interesting color - Shetland black?

Here we have Spring, but no lambs yet.

Alaska Shetland Shepherd said...

I wish they were registerable, Michelle! The ewe is one that went through a number of owners before coming to me, and I have no idea who they all are, so there is no restoring her registration if she ever was indeed registered. She originated from Noelle William's old flock. Noelle was one of the long time early members of NASSA so she had a lot of the old original lines from Canada. Anyways, I was very surprised to see her markings too. Whiskey was the ram used. The solid one is a Moorit. I have several registered ewes that are very dark...I will take a photo of them for you when they are sheared, ok? They produce a very dark brown color and stay reasonably dark through the year. Happy Easter! :-)

Jenny Holden said...

I'm so looking forward to my first lambs next year.

Do you have to keep them indoors for now? It sounds as though it's still quite inhospitable where you are... but then they are tough little things.