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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Lambs for sale?

Who has lambs for sale? You? If you do or you will, how nice to see those lamb photos on your website or Blog! Can you please put them on there? How about prices too? Or at least a price range?

How I LOVE to look for that special lamb or two to add to my flock!

How I look forward to seeing those lambs, looking at them, thinking - gee, I could add just THAT one, I'm sure of it!

If you don't have photos, and you don't put a price range at all on there, how are you to sell your lambs? Especially in this economy??

Surely structure is evident at a few days old, so is fleece type. Must you wait until they are 8, 12, or even 16 weeks old to announce your ewe lambs which will be for sale? I imagine you want a few of course to keep for yourself....that is wonderful! Even putting them on there and saying perhaps you will keep this one and that one yourself would be nice, and even saying you're not sure that she will be for sale but perhaps she will....that is wonderful! And if you don't know if you want to sell any of them, then certainly you should just say that too!

Notice that I said 'SHE'....of course you must watch your ram lambs longer, see how those horns are looking.....I am talking only of the girls now.

There are some people who have been waiting MANY months now to start buying lambs again, and for those people's sanity who are looking through every blog and every website, please tell them who is for sale and a price range at least.

I am lucky, I already know who I am getting this year, so this isn't for me. It's just a thought for all those other people out there who are sooooooooo happy you finally have lambs that may be for sale!

Am I wrong to ask for this? Maybe I am, if so, you will tell me........ that's ok, I like to hear your opinions too. It makes us smile to share Shepherd opinions, yes?

Hmmmm........ no lambs for sale at our farm. Lambs born in May will be for sale tho, and I will post the May lambs as they come, complete with price ranges too. March and April lambs will be staying here to bring up our flock numbers.

I'm looking forward to seeing your lambs! If my girls every have any more lamb here, since I am STILL waiting for most of them to lamb, I will post their photos here for you too.


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Well, I keep telling everyone that Bella is still for sale (a nice Ag grey open two-year-old ewe) and I can't find a home for her even at $100!

Alaska Shetland Shepherd said...

You know Michelle, it's sickening that Alaska is so far away from everyone, and that we can't trailer sheep from the US through Canada and back into the US again...just stooooooooopid that there isn't an exception for Alaskan residents, isn't it?? People who want to build a flock surely would rather have an adult ewe that's healthy over a lmab that they have to wait for a year to 2 years to breed too. Did you post a photo of her on your blog???

Kathy said...

How DO you get your sheep back and forth? (My DH's grandfather lived in Cordova so I understand the difficulties getting things to Alaska - just hadn't figured out "sheep") :)

I think our area has been hit with the housing market business. I've had people wanting the ewe lamb I have, also two wethers, but back out saying they can't afford to feed their animals, or do I want "free" sheep?
Thanks for the idea about posting them on the blog I have...maybe w/o prices...serious inquiries only? Do you know how well that would work? Has it worked for you?

Anonymous said...