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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Want to lamb during the daylight hours?

Just a note........if you want to have your ewes lamb during the daytime so that you can keep an eye on them, feed them their grain first thing in the morning. If you want them to lamb late at night/super early am, feed them grain in the evenings. This came off another email list, but it's pretty darned reliable. All of my registered lambs have been born during the daylight so far, and they are grained in the early morning hours. My unregistered's are grained late evening and lamb during the night/wee hours of the morning. It works here and no guarantees it will work there, but certainly worth trying if you have a preference!


A pretty photo of Blanche today. She's walking around with her tail half cocked prat of the time, so we're getting close. I'll keep an eye on her for the rest of the week too.

Princess has a girl!

Princess gave birth to a very big ewe lamb after lunch today. This girl was ready to come out before mom was ready. I came back from teaching and there she was, calling out a very uncomfortable help me from the shed. I went and grabbed paper towels and my eye glasses to see what was going hoof out, one nose, the top of another hoof, and water all over the ground but nothing left on the lamb's nose. Ok, so we were now faced with a time factor....the lamb already breathing through the nose and not allot of progess. So I pushed one hoof back in and tried pulling on the other, but there was a need to stretch everything out so that this lamb could arrive. After working on that for while, I could get in a little more and started working on the head. Boy, was that head big! After quite a bit more work and of course what always seems like forever, out came the head and one leg and I could pull the rest out quickly. Princess started fussing over her easily while still in the prone position and it wasn't long before both were standing up. A little overdue from the looks of things, the sack was yellow brown and full of you know what. I'm glad I was here when they needed me, I don't suspect that this one would have come out well without my help. This is Princess's first lambing, she was in with Peyton last year but we ended up with no pregnancies from him.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ok, now the pics...

First, Princess......our pet ewe...never for sale!

Then we have Domonique and her black ram lamb....she scowls at the camera...but her boy is available.
Photo of Flutter and her ewe lamb.... the little girl is for sale!

And my Modified girl, Cheesecake, and her lovely twins...

Ram lamb below on the left, ewe lamb on the right -beauties aren't they??
Dad of all of the lambs in these pics is the magnificent Topple.
Cheesecake's ram lamb is for sale too.

New lambs!

Just home from the dog shows this weekend so will get pics shortly - but, we had more lambs! Minwawe Cheesecake had twins - a ewe lamb and a ram lamb, both very very colorful. And Windsprite's daughter, Flutter, had a beautiful ewe lamb, black with almost a complete Bielset and big Krunet with a white spot on the nose of her black face. Really pretty girl!
So, pics tomorrow when I recover from the dog shows.........Anna finished her conformation championship yesterday and our red Irish girl, Roisin, got her first major today - a 4 point-er no less!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The first non-registered ewe lambs!

The first non-registered 'working' ewe kidded early yesterday morning. Triplets! She did the same for me last year problems, an uneventful lambing. This year it's 2 boys and 1 girl, all of them solid white. And she's such a good momma to them too, keeping track of all three no matter where they wander off.

Now.............who's next?!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

New ram lamb today...

Alaska Dominique decided today was her day to lamb. Bred to Topple, she gave birth to a big black ram lamb with a small white Krunet on his head. So yes indeed, he is carrying the spotted genetics even tho he himself is all black. He will be looking for a good home in a few months too!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

So much for in like a lamb...

In case you'd wondered where I've been lately, the past week was one of the worst set of back to back storms we've had in a looooooong time. High wind with snow out of the south, the next day out of the north, the following day out of the south again. There wasn't a day out of 7 that it didn't snow, and drifts appeared everywhere. We were inundated. The sheep and the goats spent so much time locked up inside their barns that they were MORE than happy to get out for an hour or two in between storms. I was one pooped puppy trying to keep up with it all too. Yesterday the skies opened and the sun came out, a much needed supply of sunshine was soaked up by all. Last night was one of our coldest this year, a mild winter for us, but this morning it was -5 and after all the nice warmth we've been having this winter, it sure felt cold! The tomato seeds are started in the livingroom tho as well as some Calendulas so at least I can think spring...even tho our ground won't be thawed until May!

How have you been doing lately? Please do type when you can!

WOOHOO! Finally, the first lamb!

Proud parents, this little girl arrived today in the nice sunshine - 4 white socks, white tail, and a very big dark mask to boot! Ram is Minwawe Topple and dam is Minwawe Caribean, still in full winter fleece. She is just beautiful, and our first registered lamb of the year. Welcome Spring! And, she's a Bielset too - that white ring goes all the way around her neck

Monday, March 1, 2010

Welcome March - Lions and Lambs

Welcome March! But unless something changes today, the weather is actually nice.....that's not good! Why you ask? Well, how about the old saying "In like a Lion, out like a Lamb" far, it's in like a lamb and, ewww, don't want it out like a lion!

I'm waiting for lambs now - how about you? No AI or flushing used here, so it's au natural for my ewes. We had a snowstorm this week with a fresh 7-8 inches of snow on the ground. It's warm out, in the 20's and expected to go into the low 30's today - great for the goat kids. Now where are those lambs tho when you want them?!

And it's time to pick a date for shearing. That's on my gotta do list!