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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Schipperkes?????? Cattledog puppies??? WHEEEEE!!!

I took the boys over to a friend's house that breeds Schipps......they are 7 weeks old now and this is their first trip off the farm. They thought the Schipperkes were marvelous to play with and the Schipps thought they were a blast too. Here's pics of their socialization trip........what a blast they had!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Pics of the puppy boys

Above is the plain faced boy.......

Below is the full mask boy.

And here is the plain faced boy experiencing ducks for the first time below...

Yes, it's been a busy summer, and on August 31st my girl Martha had a pair of red puppy boys. They are 7 weeks old now so I took them out to the yard and took a few pics! Both boys are still looking for the right forever homes.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

breeding sheep

Isn't it amazing what we go through to arrange our breeding pens! Well, this year I decided to heck with it. I'm breeding one ram to my main girls and Peyton to another group, and that's that. Topple gets the main group this year, last year it was Captain. Peyton, the Gulmoget, better do well this year for his 4 girls - here's crossing fingers! So Garrett, so make sure Snowie goes in with the Shetlands in case Peyton needs go to a petting zoo next spring! :-)

Beautiful sunny day here, how's everyone else doing down there??

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Poultry! Fall!

First, the fall colors.......crabapple leaves dropping now from our pretty tree....

A lovely brood of Muscovy ducklings with their mom - Whites, Chocolates, and far......
One of my lovely Blue Standard Cochins, this one a Blue Splash.....isn't she gorgeous??

And last but not least, what I believe to be a Blue Wheaton hen that we hatched here this year. What a pretty Frizzle! See, I do take pics once in a while...

Hope everyone is enjoying fall!

Monday, October 5, 2009

herding daze

What fun! Roisin from Ireland is starting her learning career in herding. She's a year old now and full of life, an affectionate girl. Not very big for a cattledog but the spirit of a giant. Here is Dan, one of my puppy owners, working with Roisin so I could take pictures Saturday. I caught this moment when one older crabby ewe decided to challenge her 'space invading ways'. Fall is definately here and snow is due any time now here in the 'lowlands'..........
From right to left - 4 Shetlands and 1 cross of unknown orgins....
Gotta love a fall, chilly, rainy day!