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Thursday, October 23, 2008


Sarah. Yes, she is Sarah to us. Can I say that Sarah has more common sense in her than all of Washington DC stuffed together in one room? She does. It's my blog so I just had to say I firmly believe everything she believes in? Perhaps not, but more so her beliefs than the rest of the folks that have been in politics toooooooooooooo many years and have special interest groups hanging out of their back pockets. I like Sarah, and yes, she is most certainly one to vote for. We need a strong woman in the Whitehouse, it's about time we had someone in there with some common sense rather than someone raised with a velvet hand, a slick byline, and years of sculpting by professional politicians. Good luck, Sarah!!

Did you vote yet? I already have voted! You can vote now you don't have to wait till the big day when you might be too busy or the roads too bad from the latest storm. You can even fax in your vote if you like! Just vote!

So where have I been?

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to vanish! There for a while I was having terrible problems with my computer......until I banged on the keyboard and it started working again. Seems that HP laptops are sensitive to being overly stuffed under the keys with dog hair..........hmmmmmm.....
I think I'll remember to take it out to the barn with me so that I can take the air compressor to it! HA! Cheaper than buying canned air, 'ya suppose?

So, the evil snow stayed. That lovely photo a few blogs below is what it's stayed at. Snow. Ok, so it's not bad. It's in the teens and twenties. A bit early this year but when it's frozen - tad-da! - then there's no mud - yay!

Captain has told me some of his girls are bred.......he whispered that bit of information to me the other day. What a wonderful ram that boy is, with the softest of fleeces...I can't wait for more of his lambs. Princess, his daughter from last year, is just stunning. Simply stunning. Who wouldn't love sheep with lots of white and then big black spots on them too? And Yuglet markings - for those not into Shetlands, that's the big black circles over each eye.

Topple, well, he's the quiet man. He's not telling nuthin' ! But his girls are happy to be with him. Peyton is next to him with his girls too. I don't know that Peyton has been up to any business yet but I'm sure he'll do fine. He has little round scurs so the polled gene is very evident in this boy, they're not getting any bigger.

On to other news, I'll be flying over to the UK to visit dog and sheep people. I have all my dog and sheep shirts picked out already to take along with - haha! I'll be there sometime next week and will have computer access so I'll be in touch. I should be doing some herding things with cattledog folks there. A scheduled Herding Instinct Testing that will benefit a rescue group, and a small clinic for another group. I'll be in England, Scotland, and Ireland. Life's short, go while you can, and do some service and good for others along the way....not a bad way to live life. Yes, of course I will post photos as soon as I can!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Moose Meadow At Dawn

Moose Meadow at Dawn this morning......we have a large picture window that looks out over our south (organic) hayfield. The field is fertilized with fish bone meal of various sources...... the bulk bags (about 1500 pounds a bag) are from wild caught Alaska Salmon or Pollock or Crab. We also foliar feed with water soluable kelp. I think that the moose KNOW this is the good stuff, tender natural grasses that also have plenty of calcium and other nutrients that will help them through the winter. So, as I looked out this morning while it was still dark out, I could make out a number of 'dark spots'......they've recently multiplied. We're used to a cow or two out there with their calves, but as winter sets in, they start arriving. This morning I took out my digital which has a wonderful night scene setting. Set it down on the deck railing, got everyone in the photo that I could make out, and clicked! This is the result..........not bad for an inexpensive digital camera! There are five cows out there - 2 with twins and 3 with single calves. A dozen moose for your morning coffee enjoyment!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Somebody's idea of a bad joke...

Before, just as the first flakes started...

Here's what happened later......

Somebody's idea of a bad joke I'd say! It probably won't stay for long, afterall there's still leaves on the trees....... but it sure does get you motivated to hurry up and put everything away for the winter quick!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

WAHOO!! GREAT test results!!!

WOOHOO! Doin' the happy dance here today!! I spent a bundle last Tuesday and had Dr. Kevin Wellington come out to do blood draws for testing. I am THRILLED to say everyone is negative!!!

I had Flower and Sunshine, my Nubians, tested for CAE, CL, and Johne's - all negatives!

Then I had a number of my older adult Shetland Sheep tested too. Some of my registered stock as well as the girls that many of which originate from my 4 originals from waaaaaay back in 1997. I had them tested for Johne's and OPP (similar to CAE in goats). ALL negatives too!

So that means our cattle, sheep, and goats are all negative for Johne's since they've all been tested now, the sheep for OPP and the goats for CL and CAE! The whole farm is negative!!!YAY!!!!