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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Herding Trifecta

The ASCA herding trials were hosted here this weekend on our farm. I am quite pleased to report that Stockmaster's Red Roisin from Ireland has completed her ASCA STDs title with a 3rd and a 1st placement for her 2 runs! Roisin is sired by my boy Rocky, aka Ch Silveraurora's PW Tom Thumb, who lives and works cattle in Ireland with his owner Daryl. This completes her 'trifecta' in 2 weeks - her AHBA HTADs-I title, her AKC PT title, and now her ASCA STDs title. It's been a very busy 2 weeks and I've not been on the computer much at all. So perhaps this week I can finally catch up with emails, while Roisin gets extra special treats like fresh raw bones as my thank you to her for being such a good girl on stock!


Michelle said...

Quite the accomplishments; congratulations!!

Alaska Shetland Shepherd said...

And I'll have to go check out your blog this week too - needless to say I've had my hands full lately and haven't been 'visiting' like I should! :-)