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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Excited for puppies

We're expecting our litter of puppies in August! I have a litter only once a year, or once every year and a half, or even two years. So not many puppies to be had here. But this litter is terribly exciting, one that has produced some outstanding working Australian Cattle Dogs. I had the privilege of placing a number of them locally and later working with them in the herding arena, and they are enthusiastic, fast, confident workers that heel extremely low and have no fear of going to the head either. The mature pups, now 3 years old, are wonderful with people, not a usual cattledog trait, and have been very good with children. It's a very unique combination of Anna and Jake that has worked so well. My pic boy in the first litter ended up being a Uni - cattledogs are up there with Dalmatians for congenital deafness in one or both ears - so we have them tested by a professional BAER hearing tester around 7 weeks of age when their hearing is fully developed. The boy that I thought had the most talent ended up hearing in only one ear so was placed in a great home where he is now the center of attention and sleeps in their bed with them - where he belongs. He is very special. Anna had 10 puppies in her first litter over 3 years ago; I am hoping for 5 in this litter but the vet thinks possibly 7. I'll be taking Anna in the end of the month for an x-ray and we'll know then for sure how many to anticipate. I really hope there are a few people out there wanting a serious working pup as several that are in working/trialing homes have gone High in Trial or Reserve High in Trial. But they've also been great dogs with their families, as much as any cattledog can be. I'm really proud of them and really excited for this litter to arrive!

Today was work day here and with my helper Karen, not only did the stalls get their weekly stripped-bare cleaning and fresh bedding put in but we also trimmed hooves on more than 20 head of goats - including all the bucks. Pee ewww!!! We took our time and 3 hours later, beautiful feet everywhere. Moved some goats around too. Next, waiting for the tractor bucket to get fixed and strip the outdoors runs back down to nice gravel again!

Heard there's a heatwave in the lower-48 - it's been showers or light rain every other day or every 3rd day since the middle of June here; a few days into the high 60's and maybe a 70-ish, but plenty of weather in the 50's. Ok, tired of showers now!!

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