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Friday, July 9, 2010

Beautiful lambs for sale

The lambs are beautiful this year! I have some very flashy ewe lambs available and they are ready now to go to their new homes. I also have lots of colorful Muscovy ducklings ready to go - blues, light browns (fawn), black pieds, white, and everything in between. They are growing super well and I even have a small group of young Juveniles feathering out. Sold straight run only. Come visit the farm if you're looking to add lambs or ducks to yours!


Pam in Wisconsin said...

I have a question. I have reaised shetland sheep for a few years now---I shear in April. This year the wool have grown so fast. They have a huge heavy layer. I am thinking about shearing in September to avoid the winter debri getting on their wool. They would have time enough for a coat to regrow for the winter months. I do keep them with a good shed during our brutal Wisconsin winters. Pam

Alaska Shetland Shepherd said...

Hi Pam - I wouldn't bother to shear them in the fall myself. The weather can turn cold early for the year and then they'd suffer a bit. The thick wool helps them stay cool in the summer months also. You risk them getting sunburned if shearing later in the summer. As far as debris, if you are saving the wool for spinning then I would feed them on the ground and not in a hay rack or round bale feeder as they get more debris in the wool pulling it from above than if it were on the ground. I hope that helps!

Pam in Wisconsin said...

Thankyou. We have some 80-90 degree heat with humidity lately. Poor things--I keep fresh water avail at all times. You make sense with the hay suggestion.Pam