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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Too busy!

We have more lambs!! The problem is I have to go get photos now - ha! Two more beautiful Yuglet/Sockett/Krunet girls were born (HST's), one was from Fairy Slipper, they are beautiful and yes, for sale! What a gorgeous group of lambs this year sired by Topple. Even the unregistered flock is about finished lambing. Feather and Blanche are holding out tho - ugh. And the 4 yearlings out back that were with Peyton for a while are still a ways from lambing - we're waiting to see by birth date if they are Peyton's or our young guy from last year's lambs. Crossing fingers for Gulmolgets!!

Otherwise we're a bit too busy with spring cleanup and birthings, caring for lambs and goat kids! It's a fabulous time to visit the farm if you're looking for either beautiful registered Spotted Shetland lambs or wonderful goat kids! I have a lovely Nubian doe kid ready for her new home, as well as 3 lovely ND doe kids old enough to leave now - very colorful!

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