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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter everyone! Sheep and goats...

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you're enjoying your day today! I'm sooooo happy my sheep are all sheared again for another year. I can also watch those udders on the ewes makes it SO much easier to tell who's going to lamb next. PHEW! Blanche was definately faking........her udder is so tiny I can easily say we have a ways to go now.

And for goats - my best milker and mother, Patience, who broke the one day test milk records twice producing over 6 pounds on test, has a lovely daughter sired by our dual champion Sebastian, named Yada. Yada decided today would be a good day to become a First Freshener! Sired by Jobi LA Thunder, our best 'milk' guy and my favorite buck, she gave birth easily on her own to triplets - 2 girls and a boy. Big udder on her but then you can't tell anything early on as they can have misleading edema. We'll see how she milks in a few weeks - yay! My Easter present no doubt!

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RYKER said...

The photo just shouts out Easter!!!