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Friday, April 2, 2010

Sheep shearing..........lots of fleeces

Wonderful day, clear to hazy skies and a light breeze, a new sheep shearer and 34 head are done with the rest to be finished tomorrow. Lots of nice fleeces for sale, $15-$25 depending on quality. I hope to see folks from last year back out again tomorrow and Sunday. The ground is starting to thaw here with little rivulets of water running everywhere. Mud mud mud, and things blown by the wind showing up which means lots of little bits to pick up as you walk from one pen to another. The hoses thawed, the barrels cleaned out and now filled with water as are the sheep pen's big water containers, so it's nice to fill things up with something other than 5 gallon pails - woohoo!

Still no more lambs in the registered group, they are holding out, yes, including Blanche who is now very nude! I think the sheep are embarrassed when their first sheared - haha!

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