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Monday, June 4, 2007


So where did the weekend go? Or where did you go this weekend? It flew by. Summer weekends do that. For those in the burbs, going here and there, perhaps the mall, the grocery store, a movie. For those with livestock, more moving hay and grain, more water, and more water, and some more water, and perhaps a little gardening and if there's any time left, a little weeding around the flowers in the yard. Check on the sheep while you water. Again while you feed. And water. Did you get rain for your fields or your farmer's hayfields? We need rain. It almost rained today. It got dark, and windy, and I could see the rain between here and the mountains. I had to take a goat kid to our substitute vet, bless her heart she would see my goat kid with the foxtail in her throat, our usual vet is serving time in Iraq... they really didn't have to take the only large animal vet in the area, did they? It sprinkled at the vet clinic. As I headed home, it sprinkled more. It got darker the closer to home I got. I thought, well, let's help this along a bit, so my filthy truck got to go through the car wash too.

Nothing worked.

Not even a sprinkle here.

Now the clouds have gone, the sky is blue, and it will be light outside until nearly midnight tonight. And no rain in the 7 day forecast.

Which could be good for people who live in the burbs, but it is not good for shepherds with sheep to feed.

See, I told you in a post below we will be chewing nails off until it's haying season. We need rain now, not sun. We'll need sun then, not rain. All bets are off.

So? How about you???

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