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Sunday, June 10, 2007

74 degrees

No, not 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon.... it hit 74 degrees here today. It was a very nice warm day on the farm. Lots of work got done when the breezes kicked up, but before there it was a bit too hot for us. Really. The sun is closest to us on the longest day of the year, coming up soon this month. The sun is intense. We've had people from the south come visit and laugh at the idea of 74 being hot.
They did sweat allot.
They agreed, it was very hot.
They didn't like admitting it. Hehehe....
And it's hot from 11am until at least 5pm too.
The farm animals liked the heat today. My Quarter Horse, Texs Odd Sox, a Tex A Jet son and Jet Deck grandson, thought it was soooooooo lovely. He's 27 now, I've had the bugger since he turned 3. He's in excellent condition to this day. His best buddy is the black Percheron with him, Barney. When he hears Barney's cowbell nearby, he knows it's ok to snooze for a bit. Sox has always layed down flat and taken a nap on sunny days. I've always been able to walk up, sit down, and stroke his lovely face while he lays there, he just enjoys the attention. I enjoy his company too.
The sheep had a good day also. Almost all of the ewes and their lambs got to go down to the arena to graze for the afternoon. We set fence posts and panels for the upcoming herding trials at the end of the month. The sheep didn't care, they were happy to graze. Now they're all back up to their paddock for the night, filling up on water and eating hay. I'm sure they will sleep well too. These are the kinds of days in Alaska that make the winters fade to a distant memory. We are always happy to have a few of them when they show up. Hope you enjoyed your day too!
Oh, and I did go back out later, just to make sure....
yep, he was up and walking around, looking rather refreshed from his afternoon siesta.

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Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Have you seen the fairly new research out that shows that horses can experience sleep deprivation to the point that they can fall down from exhaustion? If a horse never has the opportunity (such as during camping trips when they are highlined) or feels safe enough (such as during the craziness of a multi-day horse show) to lie down to sleep, eventually they can become this sleep-deprived. Shatters the myth that horses can "sleep" standing up; turns out they only nap standing up, and that's not enough for sufficient rest long-term. Your Tex knows how to take good care of himself!