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Monday, June 4, 2007

I forgot

Someone reminded me that they like photos of the lambs growing up.
I haven't put many on my blog yet, so here are a few of the many photos already taken. Enjoy!


Tina T-P said...

Suzanne - your babies are ADORABLE! Where did you get all those spots?

We have a small flock of 8 Shetlands in Bellingham WA - Anytime you want to bring one of those little guys down on the ferry, just let us know :-)

Well, it's late, and I'm "blogged out" for the night - I'll be back to see what's doin' on your farm. Tina

bopeep said...

Man, I have tears welling out of my eyes. Your lambs are sooooo beautiful! Your blog is stunning. We needed your presence here. I'm so glad to be able to read your poetic thoughts.
Thank you.