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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Welcome to the web

Well here I am. Seems I've been waiting for something like this to happen. It's the sheep that did it. New sheep. New lambs. 8 actually. They started as 2. Then 4 sounded better. 6 certainly was reasonable. Then there were the other 2, they kept saying why can't we come too? Murphy's Law you know... if you only buy 2 surely something will happen to the 2nd one, so better buy 3. I wanted several good rams of new bloodlines, something interesting. I love genetics. I like to think I have a decent eye for structure and movement. I take time to step outside the box and think a little differently too if I have time. What if my solid colored Shetland ewes didn't carry spots? Then spotted rams wouldn't do much good unless I did tight linebreedings, and I don't really want to do that yet, not now, later yes. For myself. To know. But not yet. Now I needed some ewes that I knew carried spots. If I'm flying in new genetics, then I should get a couple of ewe lambs too. Since I decided on 3 ram lambs, then it was only right to get 3 ewe lambs. Then the time got closer to fly them here. I kept looking at that one face... she had to come up. Should I eliminate one of the others or should I get her and another, since I was flying 2 to a crate. Did the breeder feel there was another complimentary choice? Yes, there were several. Could the breeder find another crate at the last minute? Her husband kindly did. It was a done deal. 8 would come up. I'd hoped when they arrived that they would have a gold airlines pin placed somewhere on them, like the little children sometimes get, but no, they only had tags on their crates saying the pilot knew they were on board. Darn. I could have hung the pins over their shed door. I am happy with them. I already see their differences, no, not their colors or patterns. I see their individual brains working. Who my alert run away girl will be, who my confident ram will be that I will make sure I don't turn my back on as he starts to grow up. Who will be a confidant when I'm out just sitting with sheep. I like their brains. They are sheep, but they are individuals. That's what's very nice about Shetlands, they are very much individuals. Not just a flock of sheep. I am glad Flutter is here too.

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