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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My back still hurts


My back still hurts, but not as bad. Last week, I had a ewe give birth to a lamb she refused to acknowledge. No, she was sure it wasn't hers. Funny thing tho, everyone else already had their lambs and were taking good care of them. The little boy needed food, so I grabbed the nearest ewe and flipped her down for the little one to nurse... I didn't feel like holding the ewe between my legs while I bent over to grab a rear leg to prevent kicking. I was tired. So, one ewe down, little lamb still need a bit more, so grabbed another ewe. Somewhere in there something got pinched, and by the next morning I could barely move.

It's been 13 years since I've felt this kind of pinched pain. I gave up. Yesterday I went to the chiropractor. I am VERY happy I went. I went in again today. My, I could sit and stand and walk and do my chores once again without being in horrible pain. I visited with my sheep today. It was a very good thing!

I had company today too. They came to see the sheep and all the lambs. They also wanted to see the new arrivals that flew in last week, and they were impressed. One gal had lived in Wyoming and bottle fed many many lambs... hundreds. She could appreciate lambs. She apprecited these lambs. They are dog friends and nice people, so they were invited to come visit when they were out this way and they did. It's nice to be with dog people and sheep people. You speak the same language. Structure and movement, toplines, it's all the same once you appreciate each species within it's judged standard. I didn't feel out of place talking about hidden recessive potentials, nor about Vikings and Norn and good Shetlands vs bad Shetlands. They didn't feel out of place either. It was a very nice visit and a break during a very busy time of year here on our 120 acre farm. My back still hurts a bit, but it was indeed a good day.

Oh, the photo. We have Juvenile Sandhill Cranes that like our place every summer, and they like the sheep. So they come up from the field below to check things out, then turn around and walk back. The sheep like them too. They watch each other. The photo was taken last month.

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