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Sunday, December 6, 2009

The barn aisle - barn tour inside

These are the ribbons the 5 Nubians won this year at the few shows
we attended....1 is a Best in Show; several are Best Udder in Breed.

This is looking into their stall and the 'red door' is a guillotine type to their outdoors pen.

Here's the Nubians stall - heated 5 gallon water bucket, everything set for 'dinner time'...just like the other stalls in the barn. The stalls were cleaned on Friday and this is now Sunday. The walls in the stalls are white sheet steel so that they are easy to wash down and disinfect. The red half doors into the stalls that Rick made are of expanded metal. There are wood half doors that close over them to keep the drafts out at night.

And this is the main barn aisle - the first 24 feet on the left is a work bench/storage area for farm equipment, parts, and hardware. The first 24 feet on the right is the dairy room with the stainless sink, water heater, freezer, fridge, shelves, stainless table, and dog crates.

The first stall on the left is Nigerian Dwarf girls; the last on the left is the Saanens; the end on the right is the Nubians; and the closest on the right is a pair of heated birthing stalls and milkstand.

I hope you enjoyed the tour!

Oh, and yes, that's a TV on the left that I can watch while I milk if I don't want to miss Desperate Housewives! HA!


Michelle said...

What a great set-up; thanks for the tour!

Deborah @ Antiquity Oaks said...

I love seeing how other people put together their barns! How are the kidding stalls heated? Thanks!

Alaska Shetland Shepherd said...

The kidding stalls have 4 foot long radiant heatbars attached to the ceilings. They eat electricity but I can heat the stalls into the mid-70's even when it's -10!!