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Thursday, December 17, 2009

And it started again!

Well........sometime last night the snows started again, and kept going until this afternoon. Another 4 or 5 inches on top of what we already had. Best guess is we got about 18 inches of snow. It's deep.......where it hasn't been plowed we're walking in snow up to our knees. I have to say I bought a new pair of boots late this summer on Sierra Trading Post, made by Columbia, and they are neoprenes like the Muck Boats out there. I only paid around $35 for, what a great expenditure! They are easy to stretch over your jeans too, and my feet have stayed very warm in them. I'm really happy with them and it sure was money well spent. They have kept the snow out very well. The sheep were all white snow balls today too.......seems they thought it more important to eat non-stop than to stay in where it was dry!


Jenny Holden said...

Oh blimey, you are getting some snow! We're waiting for it here in Scotland. All we got was torrential freezing sleet this morning. Yuck!
Glad your toes are staying warm!

Alaska Shetland Shepherd said...

Jenny - your sleet is horrible, I hope it doesn't last long! That's probably the worst thing for animals no doubt.
My toes are staying warm - and today, we got a heat wave too! Merry Christmas Jenny - wish I was thr visiting this year!