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Friday, May 15, 2009

Blessed rain.....

Blessed rain........we have gone directly from winter to summer for us here in Southcentral Alaska. 3 weeks of temps in the high 60's, last years dead grasses and dry spruce trees meant horrible fire danger. You can see the forests in these photos, they are dense. Last Friday I had to rush home from town when I received the call that a fire had started only 2 miles downwind of our house. 6 hours later the fire was contained, but that was a nerve-wracking afternoon. Now, today, finally we have rain. A light, steady, cleansing rain. Wash away the ash still lingering from the last time Mt Redoubt blew up; wash away the dust and grime that comes from afternoon thermal uplifts that cause winds; wash the gravel and blades of new grass and gently woo the leaves on the trees to fully erupt. Rain, we certainly needed it!

Above, rose buds will eventually reveal a Cocoa on the left and a Honey Perfume in the center which is flanked by Fern Dill and a box of Nasturtiums. Above, my rail planters I started in the greenhouse consisting of Alyssum, Calendula, and Dusty Miller - this is the south deck, so very hot in the summer and requires tough plants no doubt! The marsh behind still has plenty of water and wildlife. Yes, the 'green thing' is a parrot stand for our Cockatoo.
The deck, a hodge-podge of outdoor furniture picked up bit by bit at end of season sales - haha! The water fountain on the left surrounded by miniature red and white pinstripe roses; Honey Perfume front right, and a non-patent further back on the right. The 'view' is the south hayfield and mom's rabbit hutches.

And here's Blanche's little ewe lamb. Long bone pattern! Good crimp, nice little Krunet on her head telling us she's carrying the spotted genetics.

How are you doing??


Jenny Holden said...

Gosh the rain must be a big relief! We have the opposite situation here in western Scotland! Your little ewe lamb looks alot like my Todhill Russet's little girl. I must post more photos of her.

Mim said...

Love your deck beautiful view! We get the same response to rain in Nevada, never enough.

Jenny Holden said...

You've got a blogging award! Go to my blog to see!