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Thursday, October 2, 2008

WAHOO!! GREAT test results!!!

WOOHOO! Doin' the happy dance here today!! I spent a bundle last Tuesday and had Dr. Kevin Wellington come out to do blood draws for testing. I am THRILLED to say everyone is negative!!!

I had Flower and Sunshine, my Nubians, tested for CAE, CL, and Johne's - all negatives!

Then I had a number of my older adult Shetland Sheep tested too. Some of my registered stock as well as the girls that many of which originate from my 4 originals from waaaaaay back in 1997. I had them tested for Johne's and OPP (similar to CAE in goats). ALL negatives too!

So that means our cattle, sheep, and goats are all negative for Johne's since they've all been tested now, the sheep for OPP and the goats for CL and CAE! The whole farm is negative!!!YAY!!!!


Kathy said...

Good onya, mate! What great news!

Garrett808 said...


Its good to know that someone else besides myself cares about testing. Its true that we may be overly paranoid about some of them, but as I always say.....its better to be safe than sorry! And I'd rather know my sheep are clean from all infectious diseases than take the chance of having someone get it!

I'm testing everything now that enters my premises for CAE/OPP, CL and Johne's! I may not make any more money on the sheep/goats but at least its piece of mind!


BJ from North Pole said...

I have been talking to the AK state vet about testing. Was your Johne's a fecal test? How about the OPP, was it an ELISA test? What lab did you use?