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Thursday, October 23, 2008


Sarah. Yes, she is Sarah to us. Can I say that Sarah has more common sense in her than all of Washington DC stuffed together in one room? She does. It's my blog so I just had to say I firmly believe everything she believes in? Perhaps not, but more so her beliefs than the rest of the folks that have been in politics toooooooooooooo many years and have special interest groups hanging out of their back pockets. I like Sarah, and yes, she is most certainly one to vote for. We need a strong woman in the Whitehouse, it's about time we had someone in there with some common sense rather than someone raised with a velvet hand, a slick byline, and years of sculpting by professional politicians. Good luck, Sarah!!

Did you vote yet? I already have voted! You can vote now you don't have to wait till the big day when you might be too busy or the roads too bad from the latest storm. You can even fax in your vote if you like! Just vote!


Jenny Holden said...

Hmmm, she sounds scary to me and not great for the environment. But hey, what do I know? I'm English. What's going on about your visit?

Alaska Shetland Shepherd said...

I'll be there Wednesday :-)
Are you going to Edinburg Saturday to see the dog show and me running around the show ring? HAHA! I'm sure I'll have tons of time to visit, it's a benched show so we're there all day.

country girl said...

She is very scary no matter where you live.

Jenny Holden said...

I could come Saturday if I could get a lift! Are you going there and back in a day? If not am I seeing you late on Saturday or Sunday? I never got a reply to my last e-mail, hope I didn't get spammed! There are trials near here on Sat and Sun.