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Monday, September 22, 2008

First Frost - Organic Potatoes for sale

woohoo........and heeeeeeere we go! Woke up this morning to 32 degrees and our first frost. Very light frost, not bad at all, and it won't kill but the most tender of plants. But it's definately chill time here in South Central Alaska (you know, the place where Sarah was Mayor....hehehe......and yep, we call her Sarah!).

Yesterday we had plenty of help for the potato harvest. 2500 pounds of 6 different varieties are now dug up and in burlap bags and will wait till later this week for washing and sorting. So if you're needing to buy organic potatoes this fall, we've got your spuds!

Rose Finn Apple Fingerlings
Russian Red Fingerlings
Alaska Red Eye
Red Dales

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