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Friday, September 19, 2008

Breeding Groups are set

Breeding groups are set for the season now.

Peyton, our young scurred Gulmoget:
Princess; Flutter; Caribbean; and our HST lamb

Topple, our gorgeous HST ram with the HUGE horns:
Fairy Slipper; Cheesecake; Blanche; Feather; and one spotted black lamb.

Captain - our softest fleeced boy:
Windsprite (Topple's mom); Sleeping Beauty; and our 6 Alaska-born ewes from Honey Hill Farm.

I still may switch Blanche and put her with Peyton for polled lambs, since they both carry the polled genes. To be decided this weekend...

How are your breeding plans coming along? Pulling out your hair too???

1 comment:

Garrett808 said...

Since the moment my 1st lamb was born I've been trying to do breeding groups! LOL

I do them almost weekly (sometimes more) and I've found that some of them never have changed, others have changed every time.

Some ewe lambs were born too late and i'm not going to breed them, so that changes my plans as well and I have a few rams I that I bought that I'm not even going to be able to use this year. such is life.

Oh and 12 ewes to AI!!