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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Goose Goose

Well, we have a new member here tonight, a little girl goose. She's at an awkward stage, all down and little feathers starting to poke out. She's only 5 weeks old now but she is adorable and I hope, crossing fingers, that she finds a good and secure place here. She's too big for the chick pen, she's too little to be with the Muscovy ducks. So for now she's in the small coop - with the Muscovies locked out in the outdoor run. She'll do fine with the Banty hens in there for now. But she is adorable....she knows humans are a good thing. She comes to me when I talk to her, not quite nibbling my fingers yet but she will do so when I spend more time with her. We had the most wonderful pet goose here for many years...her name was Goose Goose. It seemed to fit her...she would always come for fresh greens and snacks and taaaaaaaaaaaalk to me so very much. One night a great horned owl got into the coop once again, and our Goose Goose was dead. So the doors are all locked tight and closed now at night. She was a great girl that lived a long life and protected her charges well. I hope this little treasure will grow up quickly! Pictures soon....

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