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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Dogs... life would be incomplete without them. I have a near and dear affection for many dogs, both mine and others. Working with the herding breeds as I do, I also have great respect for their power and their individuality. A mutual shepherd was recently in terrible distress over her daughter being bitten badly by their LGD that protects their flock and goats. I feel so bad for her. It's a horrible thing when that happens, something you really don't know how it feels to have happen until you've been in those shoes. Scared to death is one emotion that comes to mind. We must always respect our dogs, they have far more power in their bodies than we usually ever get to see. Much like us humans when the adrenaline kicks in and you are able to do things that are almost super-human that you never dreamed you could do. Dogs are the same way, both in their need to protect and their need to control what is happening at that moment, whether it is moving stock from point a to point b or defending their ward from percieved threats. Dogs are always to be respected, they have been shaped by humans for many generations and were bred to serve us with their talents, but we also have to remember that their only ability to defend their space or their charges is by their mouths even tho we often wish they wouldn't - it is their only way to do their job sometimes. I have seen dogs going over the edge of being in control of their taught manners into acting solely on prey drive, and it is indeed scary, something, thankfully, most humans will never see. But because of what I have seen and experienced first hand, I can say that I try to never forget the powerful beings that dogs are and respect the potentials that they contain within. Afterall, a dog will also die trying to sava a human's life, and you can not ask for any greater gift from God - we must be responsible and grateful for what He has given us. Love your dog or dogs, protect them from harm, and understand and respect their great power and abilities.

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