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Friday, May 21, 2010

BLANCHE!!! Finally lambed!!

It's true!! Blanche FINALLY lambed this afternoon!
You can see she's certainly well-fed.....ahem....

But Michelle, we didn't know Blanche carried spots, did we?? Look at this beautiful lamb!
Now those in the know - wouldn't you call this Bladget? The black and the white are ground into each other and this is not Flecket...looks like ground snow to me. What do you all think??

And oh yeah...........did I mention.............IT'S A GIRL!!!!

Michelle, this one might need to fly back to you! LOL! Minwawe Topple is the proud dad. And just look at those kiss-lips...too cute!


Michelle said...

Remember, I TOLD you Blanche's sire Braveheart has a krunet and has thrown krunets, and is therefore a spot-carrier. Combined with Topple, it looks like you struck BLACK GOLD! I guess Blanche was waiting so she could have ALL the applause. Congrats, and yeah, that little cutie could fly back here in a heartbeart. :-)

Alaska Shetland Shepherd said...

Well Michelle, she could easily be for sale to you ya know! :-)

I was quite surprised about this little girl's coloring. I thought Braveheart had something behind me, but didn't think her mom did.

Glad I took a bunch of pics...and yep. your email is bouncing back for some reason!

Michelle said...

I have no idea why emails to me are bouncing back; I just checked my spam folder and there's nothing from you there. The photos you posted on your blog are so good; Blanche looks very proud! Are you sure the lamb is solid/spotted? Blanche could be Awt/Ag; but I sure can't see "sugarlips." And no, I don't think Blanche's dam carries spots, but it's hard to know when three of her four lambs have been white!

Alaska Shetland Shepherd said...

Here's the reject...
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message was rejected by this user and was not delivered. 550-Reason: This
system uses BMS to check your IP address reputation, and was rejected by
the user.

So there ya go - and it happened twice! HA!

No, I have several others that have been colored like this. It was the 'ground snow' pattern that Mary Ellen was trying to get. I sure got it! I had another lamb like that this year, and her mother is the same - black with streaks of white wool here and there making her look wild. I sure like it tho! It would spin up pretty wild too! She is a good sized girl and Blanche has a large udder to boot!