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Sunday, March 28, 2010

New lambs!

Just home from the dog shows this weekend so will get pics shortly - but, we had more lambs! Minwawe Cheesecake had twins - a ewe lamb and a ram lamb, both very very colorful. And Windsprite's daughter, Flutter, had a beautiful ewe lamb, black with almost a complete Bielset and big Krunet with a white spot on the nose of her black face. Really pretty girl!
So, pics tomorrow when I recover from the dog shows.........Anna finished her conformation championship yesterday and our red Irish girl, Roisin, got her first major today - a 4 point-er no less!


Beth99 said...

Congrats on Anna's championship and Roisins first major, that's just awesome!! :)

Beth aka Darcy's Mom

Garrett808 said...


Oh also on the CH! WOHOO!

Alaska Shetland Shepherd said...

Sorry Garrett, that was my boo-boo - it's her daughter, Flutter. how I wish she were still here tho.......sigh.......

and thanks Beth!!! I'll post some pics when they come back! Hugs to Darcy!